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Snow Leopard

Posted at 4:22pm on 10 Jun 2008

Snow Leopard

Few people were surprised by the new 3G iPhone announcements at the WWDC conference yesterday. With many news outlets talking about the new iPhone as if it were an actual product (as opposed to just a rumour) for weeks beforehand, some people were more probably surprised to hear that it had not actually been officially announced until then.

More surprising and in some ways more interesting was the low-key announcement of Snow Leopard, Apple's next major operating system release.

Billed as a kind of maintenance release, Snow Leopard is going to focus on predominantly under-the-hood improvements to the OS, boosting performance and hardware utilisation by increasing the use of preemptive threading and GPU processing throughout the OS.

The Grand Central and OpenCS concepts in particular are intriguing. It seems that Apple has grown tired of waiting for developers to figure out how to utilise the multiple processors available in modern machines, and so has decided to do most of the work for us. Consequently Mac OS may become the first platform to truly utilise the power of modern computer hardware effectively.