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Spore logo

Posted at 4:36pm on 17 Jun 2008

Spore Creature Creator

In advance of the hotly anticipated release of Spore - the follow up game to The Sims, which will allow players to create a whole species and lead them through their entire evolution from the primordial soup into space - Maxis have released a standalone creature editor, designed to give users a taste of what Spore will be like.

Requires Windows XP or an Intel Mac.

Bacterium with Shell logo

Posted at 3:29pm on 17 Jun 2008

Bug Fuel

it sound almost too good to be true, but according to The Times, scientists have genetically engineered bacteria that eat waste and excrete crude oil.

Of course one might argue that the last thing we need right now is a way to extend the usage of fossil fuels. But running cars off bugshit has got to be better than buying it from the middle east (and directly funding terrorism in the process).


Posted at 3:16pm on 17 Jun 2008


After we reported a few days ago that 280 North were using a Cocoa-inspired framework for their Keynote-like webapp 280 Slides, Appleinsider revealed that Apple has adopted a similar system called Sproutcore for their Mobile Me system (the replacement for .mac).

Sproutcore started life as an independent open source project, but like much of their technological foray into the Web (including WebKit itself), Apple has adopted it, hiring the lead programmer and taking development in-house.