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Production line of robots assembling each other

Posted at 5:23pm on 01 Aug 2008


Another company offering mail-order bespoke manufacturing: Shapeways

I think it's safe to say that its only a matter of time before these 3D printing technologies become cheap enough to use at home. The jury is still out on how long it will take for them to be general-purpose enough to achieve widespread appeal however.

Still, I'm cheered by how much the technology seems to have moved on even in the few months since I made my bold prediction.

Something shiny

Posted at 2:47pm on 01 Aug 2008


This may be the most insightful thing I've ever read on Rands' or any other website: The Taste of the Day

Humans suffer from bright'n'shiny complex, where we’re titillated by the new. Think of it like this: have you actually done anything with that last domain you bought? No. You had the idea for it on Tuesday morning and you got all fired up, so you bought the domain the moment you got in to work. At lunch you furiously doodled your design in your notebook, fully intending to get home and get started on the HTML/CSS, and then you got home… and watched Lost.