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Android is now old hat

Posted at 8:42am on 08 Jul 2009

Choice is Good

Google has just announced Chrome OS, a new web-based operating system for netbooks and smartphones, built on their Chrome browser technology.

Google is keen to stress that the aim of Chrome OS is to provide choice for consumers who use their machines mostly for web browsing, and it is not a direct competitor to their previously released Android platform, which is just beginning to gain traction in the industry.

Google Chrome OS is a new project, separate from Android. Android was designed from the beginning to work across a variety of devices from phones to set-top boxes to netbooks. Google Chrome OS is being created for people who spend most of their time on the web, and is being designed to power computers ranging from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems. While there are areas where Google Chrome OS and Android overlap, we believe choice will drive innovation for the benefit of everyone, including Google.


In related news, Apple would like to announce Safari OS:

Safari OS is designed as a lightweight web-based operating system for running on mobile devices such as smartphones and wifi-enabled music players.

Existing iPod and iPhone owners and developers should not be concerned that we are dividing the market or confusing consumers because our analysis shows that the majority of consumers have a deep and complete understanding of the distinction between operating systems, browsers and search engines, and are in no way inclined to assume that the latest new shiny thing replaces the previous thing we announced that occupies the same space in the market.

Also, in response to the suggestion that we are copying Palm’s Web OS, we would like to say "pfft".