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Some program source code (for parsing)

Posted at 7:26pm on 29 Jul 2007

Parsing and Tokenizing Libraries

We've added new open source libraries to our REALbasic source page, including classes for tokenizing and parsing complex formatted strings such as programming languages and structured data.


Posted at 1:30am on 23 Mar 2007

New Bug Tracking System

We've overhauled our bug reporting and feature request systems with a brand new interactive bug tracking database.

Subscriber icon

Posted at 12:11am on 19 Mar 2007

Subscriber 1.1 Released

Subscriber 1.1 is now out of beta, and comes loaded with a few new goodies including full support for Intel macintoshes, and a shiny new icon!

PicTiles icon

Posted at 6:25pm on 16 Mar 2007

PicTiles on MacZot

Our Popular puzzle game PicTiles will be appearing on macZOT this weekend, at the special discount price of $9.99!

Apple Matters logo

Posted at 9:55pm on 28 Feb 2007

Review on Apple Matters

Apple Matters has posted a review of our freeware utilities MagiCal and Shades, along with a mini-bio of Charcoal Design's founder and chief software engineer Nick Lockwood.

PicTiles icon

Posted at 12:35am on 02 Feb 2007

PicTiles 1.1 Released

We've just released a major update to our popular PicTiles puzzle game, which includes Intel processor support, as well as many other enhancements.

MagiCal icon

Posted at 6:31pm on 06 Jan 2007

MagiCal 1.0 Released

We've just released MagiCal, a FREE menu-based clock and calendar program for Mac OS X. MagiCal provides a range of time and date display options, and can operate in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, the system menu clock.

Shades icon

Posted at 1:29am on 18 Dec 2006

Shades 1.1 Released

We've just released a major update to our popular Shades application, which includes many new features requested by our users.

Shades icon

Posted at 6:45am on 24 Nov 2006

Shades 1.0 Released

We've released a new software product called Shades. Shades is a FREE utility for adjusting monitor brightness on your Macintosh. It can be used as a compliment to the built-in brightness controls of many Macintosh machines, offering a greater dynamic range and finer control.

GNU Logo

Posted at 6:15pm on 22 Nov 2006

Open Source

We've added a new open source page to the software section of our site. We believe that open source software is a great way to encourage innovation and progress within the developer community, and for this reason we have decided to provide the source code for our in-house tools and experiments...

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