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Published at 6:15pm on 22 Nov 2006

We've added a new open source page to the software section of our site. We believe that open source software is a great way to encourage innovation and progress within the developer community, and for this reason we have decided to provide the source code for our in-house tools and experiments...

We've added a brand new open source software section to our site. On this page you will find examples, demos, libraries and plugins that you can use to enhance your own programs.

Our flagship open source offering is the RBZ library, a set of classes and functions for creating, browsing and expanding ZIP archives. The library is useable but unfinished, however we pledge to continue development of this library and build it into a robust full-featured solution for ZIP archive handling in REALbasic.

We have chosen to adopt the PKWare zlib-style licence for most of our open source offerings, rather than the better-known GPL or LGPL licences because we feel that it offers fewer restrictions on use and redistribution.

We believe that the open source movement has a lot to offer, but we don't want to force you to adopt it for your own software. You are free to use our code in any way you see fit, both for commercial and non-commercial projects, and you don't even have to give us any credit if you don't want to! We only ask that you do not redistribute our source code, or modified versions of it without including our licences and accreditations.

Currently all of our open-source software downloads are for the REALbasic development environment only, however we hope to add additional examples for other languages and development environments in due course.

We welcome your feedback on any of our open source offerings. We regrettably cannot offer support for most of our examples, however if you wish to make fixes or add features yourself then please let us know about them. If we like your changes we may even incorporate them into the version on this site (with due credit of course). You will find a feedback form on the open source page which you can use to make suggestions and upload files.