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Pipette 1.0 Released

Published at 10:00pm on 07 Oct 2006

We're proud to announce the release of a new product called Pipette. Pipette is a FREE utility for web developers and digitial artists that allows you to take colour readings from anywhere on the screen, and return the colour value in the right format for pasting into Photoshop or any web page. Download it now...

Pipette is a simple application that can make a big difference to your productivity as an artist or web designer. It provides a simple, system wide colour sampler that allows you to copy the colour value of any pixel on the screen as a hex string.

Without this tool, matching the colour of a font on a web site might involve a gruelling process of taking a screenshot, pasting it into Photoshop, extracting the colour using Photoshop's own ink dropper and then finally copying the value from the colour dialogue. But with Pixel Picker, you can achieve it in a couple of clicks.

Launching today for the first time, we are happy to announce that Pixel Picker is also our first ever Intel-native Macintosh application. To help keep your download size to a minimum, we are providing Pipette in three formats, both as standalone PPC and Intel binaries, and as a universal Binary, which can be used on either platform.

You can download Pipette here.

And of course the best news of all for you struggling artists out there is that Pipette is 100% FREE (as in beer); no messing around with serial numbers or expiry dates, it's yours to keep for as long as you like.

Give it to your friends, put it on as many machines as you want.

And don't forget to look out for more productivity-enhancing tools and utilities from Charcoal Design in the future.