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Shades 1.0 Released

Published at 6:45am on 24 Nov 2006

We've released a new software product called Shades. Shades is a FREE utility for adjusting monitor brightness on your Macintosh. It can be used as a compliment to the built-in brightness controls of many Macintosh machines, offering a greater dynamic range and finer control.

We are proud top announce our latest software application, Shades, which is available to download from this page.

Shades is a handy utility for adjusting the screen brightness on your Mac. Although many machines already come with controls for adjusting screen brightness, the control is usually quite course, and the minimum brightness setting is often still too bright when you are working in complete darkness.

Shades works differently from built-in brightness controls. Rather than adjusting backlight brightness, it superimposes a darkened mask over your screen and provides a slider control to allow precise control of the mask's opacity.

This is not a power saving feature, it is intended only to avoid dazzling your eyes in dark conditions, however there is no reason why it cannot be used in combination with the built-in brightness control features so you can save your eyes and the planet!

We anticipate that Shades will be useful for anyone who works in a darkroom or lab where the lights must be kept low, or for night owls who like to work in bed late at night, but don't wish to disturb their partners.

Shades is available for Mac OS X only, as it relies on Mac-specific technologies for its functionality. It is available as both a PowerPC and Intel compatible application.

And last but not least, as part of our commitment to the Macintosh platform, we are releasing Shades as a COMPLETELY FREE download!