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MagiCal 1.0 Released

Published at 6:31pm on 06 Jan 2007

We've just released MagiCal, a FREE menu-based clock and calendar program for Mac OS X. MagiCal provides a range of time and date display options, and can operate in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, the system menu clock.

Charcoal Design would like to announce the release of, MagiCal, which is available to download from this page.

MagiCal is a menu-based calendar and clock. In its default configuration, MagiCal provides a tiny calendar icon that tells you the date at a glance, something that cannot be seen with the standard system clock menu without clicking it.

Clicking MagiCal reveals a fully-fledged calendar, which can be torn off and placed anywhere on the screen.

Finally, selecting preferences provides access to a wide range of display options, and allows you to display the time or date in virtually any format. MagiCal can operate independently of the system menu clock, or replace it. The analogue clock option also offers a second hand, another feature missing from the system version.

MagiCal is available for Mac OS X only, as it relies on Mac-specific technologies for its functionality. It is available as both a PowerPC and Intel compatible application.

And last but not least, as part of our commitment to the Macintosh platform, we are releasing MagiCal as a COMPLETELY FREE download!