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MagiCal 1.1 Released

Published at 2:21am on 15 Aug 2007

We've just released a major update to our popular MagiCal menu bar clock and calendar. Almost every feature has been enhanced and polished - even the icon!

MagiCal 1.1 is a major update to our popular menu clock and calendar.

Those of you who have been using the alpha releases will be familiar with many of the new features already, but here they are again in full:

  • Brand new calendar design.
  • Substantially reduced CPU usage.
  • Clicking dates in the new calendar opens iCal to that date.
  • New date and time format options.
  • The menu elements can now be individually drag-re-ordered by holding the command key.
  • Improved preferences layout
  • Ability to specify font, style and colour options for text and icons.
  • Torn-off calendars can now be minimised.
  • Improved font rendering using sub-pixel anti-aliasing under Tiger.
  • Several new language localisations, including Chinese.
  • MagiCal can now check for updates on a weekly or daily basis, not just when the program is launched.
  • Leopard compatibility.
  • Dozens of bug fixes.
  • Shiny new icon.

We've put a lot of time and effort into developing this new version, but thanks to all your generous donations we are glad to announce that MagiCal remains a totally free program.

You can download the new version of MagiCal from here. We hope you enjoy it, and please send us your feedback so that we can make it even better!