About Us

Charcoal Design has been producing web site designs for almost a decade. We began as a pure design agency, but have since flourished into a fully-fledged web development house.

Today we are on the cutting edge of web development, producing fully standards-compliant sites that are optimised for both browsers and search engines, and many of which are built upon sophisticated CMS systems.

We cater to a wide range of clients, and can build anything from simple one-page hobby sites to fully fledged corporate information portals.

Contact Us

If you need a web site, and are interested in our services, please contact us using the online form provided.

About our Designs

Charcoal Design is a developer of premium quality web sites - that is to say we aim to compete on quality rather than price.

You will inevitably find services that offer free or cheap web templates, and DIY web site software. If you need to put something on the web fast then these are great, and you will no doubt find adverts for some of them on our site.

If however you need a solid website, built using the latest techniques, with as much concern for code quality as for appearance then you have come to the right place.

Our sites are not the cheapest around, however for your money you get a feature set that you will not find anywhere else:

  • W3C standards compliant code - All our new sites are built using semantic markup and are validated to reach as close as possible to full compliance with current web standards.
  • Accessibility - Our sites are built according to best-practice accessibility guidelines, with minimal JavaScript dependency or Flash content, allowing for navigability using screen readers.
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Our sites are optimised for search engine crawlers so that your search engine page rank will not be unfairly low due to shoddy site layout. We can also advise on how to rewrite and re-arrange your site content for optimal effect, without resorting to the kinds of dirty tricks that get sites blacklisted.
  • Bespoke Solutions - We provide custom implementations of popular features such as CMS systems and web forms. All of our systems are built from the ground up to suit you - we don't try to shoehorn your requirements into existing solutions that weren't designed for your needs.