Pandora's Pests

Pandora's Pests was developed as a collaboration between Charcoal Design and Koingo Software. Pandora's Pests is written in REALbasic, using the open source RBGLSprites 2D gaming library.


Here are some screenshots of the game in action. Click thumbnails to view larger image.


Registration is quick and easy, and can be done via the Koingo Software web site.

About Pandora's Pests

You're on a relaxing vacation at a desert resort when your peaceful afternoon is upturned by an armada of pests! With every bug you squash, you gain new skills and obtain new weapons to help defeat these bothersome foes. However, after you escape home, you realize they're becoming much more than simply bothersome - it's an invasion!

Battle three major bosses, including a Scorpion Den, Wasp's Nest and an Ant Infestation, and then face the ultimate challenge of destroying Pandora's Box once and for all! Traverse three unique and exciting worlds: a desert resort, your home, and an infested swamp.

The world needs your skills to save itself from certain peril. Pickup that fly swatter and do some damage!


To download a trial version of Pandora's Pests click the download icon below. The full version costs $9.95 - if you like the game, please register via the Koingo Software web site.

System Requirements

Pandora's Pests requires a modern Macintosh™ computer (1Ghz or better is recommended) running Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and a 3D graphics card with at least 128MB of video memory.